API Platform 3.2

We just released API Platform 3.2! We presented most of the new features at the API Platform Con, here are my slides.

Use composer recipes:update to update your configuration file. The default configuration file is:

    title: Hello API Platform
    version: 1.0.0
        jsonld: ['application/ld+json']
        jsonld: ['application/ld+json']
        jsonopenapi: ['application/vnd.openapi+json']
        html: ['text/html']
        stateless: true
            vary: ['Content-Type', 'Authorization', 'Origin']
            standard_put: true
            rfc_7807_compliant_errors: true # this will be the default value in 4.x
    event_listeners_backward_compatibility_layer: false # use symfony event listeners
    keep_legacy_inflector: false # use doctrine/inflector

Listeners will not get removed in API Platform 4 but will rather use our new Providers and Processors. You can now force the request to go through a particular state for example:

#[Post(read: true)] // to force reading even though it's a POST

Try it live!

API Platform webassembly playground

With this new version we introduced guides that you can run live in your browser in the API Platform playground.

LTS Version

OpenCollective crowdfunding API Platform LTS

API Platform 2.7 is now EOL (end of life) according to our release cycle. Still, we think that many of API Platform users want continuous support on 2.7. To do so, we’re launching a crowdfunding on OpenCollective to fund a Long Term Stable version.

At Les Tilleus.coop experts can help you upgrade to API Platform 3! Contact us!.

Laravel support

FrankenPHP and API Platform join Laravel

The Laravel support for API Platform is coming, we presented it at the ForumPHP and we’re official laravel partners. We also adding the support of FrankenPHP to Laravel Octane! Slides at the ForumPHP

You can find instructions on how to run API Platform with Laravel on github.