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Call nodejs frameworks routes programmatically

All those examples will call GET /some/other/path when GET / is called with different frameworks.

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Dockerize a node app in 2 minutes

For the following I’m using a project of mine : Explorer. It’s a directory listing tool. To run it only needs a configuration file.

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Use dependency injection!

Take a nodejs app, which has :

  • a global configuration
  • a redis client (or it could be a database connection)

Those both will most likely be instancianted once in your application. A database pool might have a more complicated behavior, but at the end it’ll has the same result: a pool instance to work with.

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An unpleasant babeljs experiment

We all love new technologies, and we want to use them as soon as they’re out. ES6 comes with really nice features, for example: arrow function default function argument value block scopes rest parameters etc… Thing is, nodejs doesn’t allow the use of all those new, and mostly nice features, yet. This is why some folks build the well known Babeljs. Yeah, this was my reaction too at first sight.…
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NoSQL databases does not MEAN anything

There is so much hype around the MEAN stack, it can be hard to ignore. @lewiswalsh

True. And oh gosh, I hate this abbreviation! Think about a small developer, all he knows is some PHP and a bit of jQuery to write his website. One morning, on twitter, he reads that everybody is talking about MEAN. First thing he’s going to ask is: what does it mean? (yeah crap joke)